Enhancing Productivity

SNF has developed a broad range of thickeners for pigment, disperse and reactive printing. These products make it possible to print very fine details and allow for improved color yield. The range is accompanied by fixatives, anti-migration agents and dispersants. 

These products are available at 4 major sites in France, China, India and the USA. SNF has also developed a range of functional polymers for the cosmetics, dredging, construction and cement manufacturing sectors.


FLOLUX Finishing Products
FLOSPERSE Dispersing Agents
FLOFIX Fixing Agents
FLOLINE LUB Polymeric Lubricants
FLOLINE SIZE for Textile Sizing
FLOPRINT Thickeners


FLOPRINT thickeners offer numerous functional benefits. Their properties are:

  • To hold the paste in the screen
  • To let the paste go through the screen when the shearing force is applied
  • To control the amount of paste that is transferred
  • To build up the viscosity quickly after the shearing force is removed
  • To hold the paste in position on the cloth against capillary forces …
  • To prevent flushing or bleeding
  • To allow the paste to penetrate to the required extent
  • To allow the dye to get into the fiber (substantive dye printing) or
  • To allow the binder to crosslink (pigment printing)