Be the world ’s preeminent producer of water-soluble polymers.


Assure our clients the most reliable source and the broadest range of polymers and services, with the quality and price they need to meet their important performance goals.



We are pleased to announce that PIVOT has accepted SNF's partnership in their solution for sustainable fuel generation in Rwanda.

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

SNF’s work derives from the growing scarcity of resources: water, ore and hydrocarbons. We treat the water of more than 750 million people around the world and help thousands of industrial sites to recycle their water. In oil extraction, by viscosifying water our products increase the amount of oil recovered and significantly decrease the amount of water consumed per barrel produced. In Canadian bituminous sand extraction, we treat the sand lagoons to return them to their initial consistency and facilitate reforestation.


We thus have the advantage of being positioned in markets that are at the heart of sustainable development issues. We provide genuine solutions to help our clients to grow while minimizing the environmental impact of their activities.


With a view to consolidating its position as a leader, SNF is constantly broadening its range of products and reinvesting its financial resources into improving and expanding the industrial tools it offers in order to maintain its competitiveness and that of its clients. 


Pascal REMY, Chairman & CEO

Pascal REMY,                                                                             Pascal REMY Speech, Paris 2014
Discours aux États Généraux de la Chimie,
Paris 2014


Research and Development

Each day, SNF research laboratories develop new products and processes to meet the many different needs of its industrial customers.
SNF’s ability to answer quickly to the new technical problems is at the very heart of its world-wide development.

Our research teams work on developing new molecules by using different types of functional monomers with a view to constantly improving the performance of our products. Our vast local technical network enables us to test our new products in our clients’ regions.

Moreover, SNF collaborates closely with several clients’ research laboratories and the most prestigious universities.




In addition to product innovation, SNF dedicates a significant proportion of its resources to continually enhancing the effectiveness of its manufacturing tools. As a result, SNF has an engineering team that designs and deploys new production lines around the world. Each new generation increases the competitiveness of our production tools. What is more, this approach enables us to guarantee the same level of quality to our clients irrespective of the production site.


Our engineering skills also allow us to offer our clients equipment and systems to enable them to make optimal use of our products. This is particularly necessary for clients in the oil industry, and SNF has developed a range of systems to fulfill the requirements for pilot projects up to and including large-scale